Almost a third of all the sites on the Internet run on Wordpress. Let that sink in for a minute. That’s over 74,000,000 websites for businesses of all sizes. Yet most people are totally unaware of this. So the only solution was to do a spot based on the biggest advertising event in the world: The Super Bowl. These ads let small business owners know that Wordpress is the real force behind the big game. From the hot dog vendors, to the jersey makers, to NFL.com itself, trying to enjoy the big game just wouldn’t be the same without Wordpress. Powering the businesses that make a difference in people’s lives, Wordpress is responsible for all the small things (and many of the big things) that make the Internet the Internet. And the Internet seems to agree, giving the campaign more than 35,000,000 hits and counting.

Wordpress - "Ode to the Big Game"

Wordpress - "Ode to the Little Things"